What is Pulsewave Analysis?

pulse-wave-compare When your heart beats, it radiates a Pulsewave down the lining of your arteries.  The Pulsewave travels to your fingers and toes then back.  The frequency and strength of this wave can help doctors determine the overall health of your cardiovascular system.

Pulse Rate:

With each heart beat your blood is being ejected carrying oxygen.  If your heart beats are too slow, less oxygen is being transported to your body's cells.  If your heart beats are too fast, premature aging of the heart can occur.

Pulse Height or Strength:

Measuring your Pulse Height determines the velocity or how fast your blood travels through your vascular system.  Slow moving blood means a slow delivery of oxygen.  A lack of oxygen can result in a lack of energy, memory loss and a poor immune system.

These measurements can be compared with results from people with healthy cardiovascular systems at various ages.  An approximate "age" of your cardiovascular system can be calculated through these comparisons.  A person may have a chronological age of 25 but a cardiovascular or biological age similar to a person who is 47.

So what?

So what does any of this have to do with SYNERGY?

1. SYNERGY has identified a Cardio Pulse Wave (see video below on this page) measurement device that will allow us to take scientific measurements of a person's cardiovascular health.  As the person begins taking the amazing V3 products - especially the Pro-Argi9 Plus - you will be able to measure the improvements in the health of their cardiovascular system.

2. SYNEGY leaders may qualify to have a Cardio Pulse Wave machine for use in their area to help their downline and other SYNERGY distributors and customers VISUALLY see the improvements and benefits of the SYNERGY products.

This Cardio Pulse Wave measurement device is state of the art and has been approved as a Class II Medical Device.

Pulsewave device to measure cardiovascular health.

Many companies "claim" to have products that can support and improve your health, only SYNERGY can PROVE IT!

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See video below for a demonstration of the B-Pro [a non-invasive tool to determine cardiovascular health].