NingXia Juice and Your Health


1. Start with the finest organic whole Ningxia wolfberries grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Only Ningxia wolfberries carry legendary reputation, scientific validation, and delicious taste.

2. Verify exceptional active nutrient levels ( e.g. polysaccharides, beta-carotene).

3. Protect complete wolfberry benefits and activity with a patented, gentle preparation that uses all of the wolfberry's valuable parts (Juice, peel, and flesh).

4. Create amazingly powerful synergy by skillfully blending wolfberries with only clinically and historically proven super fruits ( e.g. blueberry, pomegranate, red raspberry, dark grapes, apricots) and the world's finest essential oils (Young Living)

5. Deliver a delicious flavor without using inexpensive, high-glycemic "junk juices" ( e.g. apple, white, grape, pear).

6. Guarantee lasting strength and purity with premium glass-packaging, special wrap-labeling, and continued rigorous testing.

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Rose Joy Essential Oil Blends

Custom Essential Oil Blends by Terri Oberto. Blends are:

  • Sweet Sleep Smoothie
  • Breakout Blocker Smoothie
  • Bright & Happy Smoothie
  • Eye Smoothie
  • Soothie Smoothie

Each blend of oils is specifically chosen by Terri for their unique properties.

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Rose Joy Essential Oil Blends

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