"My goal is to assist my clients in working out a dietary and life style plan specific to their needs to enhance the quality of their lives. I really want to work with you if you really want to work with you." ~Terri Oberto

Brief Consultation: 15 minutes FREE. Register to the right (or below if on a mobile device) to get the code!

General Initial Consultation:  $500.00

Consultation covering a final written report summarizing recommendations/suggestions based on evaluation of the following:

  • 2 1/2  Hour Bio-Feedback Assessment
  • Client history intake
  • Constitutional/detoxification profile
  • Mind/body questionnaire
  • Candida questionnaire
  • Urine Analysis-Apex Energetics to include adrenal stress, malabsorption, electrolyte/sugar imbalance, nitrate, ammonia imbalance,Oxidative stress and specific enzyme imbalance
  • Kinesiology/Sclerolgy
  • Gastrointestinal, Adrenal and Thyroid in-office Testing
  • Electrolyte reserve testing
  • Diet Analysis
  • Blood Work-up Analysis

Advanced Cancer Services: $650.00

Includes everything encompassed in the General Consultation PLUS additional assessments specific to the complexity of the disease. An extensive report will be prepared accordingly, complimenting western medical treatment.

Additional Bio-Feedback:


$175/5 sessions

$150/10 sessions

Follow-up Consults: $90.00/hour (Billed in 15 minute increments)

Contract will be made via phone, email, fax and snail mail to follow progress and make adjustments in recommendations.

Personal Training: $35.00 1 hour - $50.00 1 1/2 hours


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