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PiMag water is sometimes called a natural miracle. And NOW Nikken has been able to duplicate this miracle!

Near a small town in Japan is an area with unusual topographical features. A narrow stream flows between two hills. As it happens, one of these hills is largely composed of a mineral called magnetite. The other hill contains calciumcompounds. The stream between them courses over a bed of silicates, the material that forms natural crystal. 

And here, Japanese scientists discovered that the water from this stream had amazing results on the surrounding plants.

What they saw astounded them. They named this substance pi water. Then they set out to duplicate these natural conditions in the laboratory.

Researchers found that by using special materials, they could reproduce the environment that led to pi water in nature.

These discoveries are incorporated in the Nikken PiMag products.

All include multiple levels of filtration. Special ceramics are added to substitute for the effects of the mountains of minerals. An additional component produces a magnetic field- one more breakthrough that no other water system can provide.

More Info

  • Nikken PiMag Water Technology is superior to other technologies that require the use of chemicals or salt.
  • PiMag Water Technology is ideal for a variety of uses — water for drinking, cooking, watering plants —almost any application.
  • PiMag water is an exceptional source of what your body needs. It can help restore the balance of fluids that plants, animals — and human beings —are composed of internally.
  • PiMag water is also less acidic than some tap water. Less-acidic water is more in harmony with your natural fluids.
  • The technology in the PiMag Aqua Pour is based on natural forces. The system uses gravity and the natural properties of water.
  • The PiMag Aqua Pour is more practical than drinking bottled water. A supply of full water bottles is heavy to carry.With the PiMag Aqua Pour, you just add water and produce PiMag water on the spot.
  • Commercially bottled water is expensive — PiMag water costs a fraction of the price. And with bottled water, the quality can vary depending on where or when it was bottled. The PiMag Aqua Pour provides consistent quality.

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