Welcome to Healthy Solution's modality page! What we have listed here are the tools that are available in our office for your convenience and at a minimal price for most. We really want to make this a one-stop wellness center. I hope you find something in addition to the extensive nutrition/exercise program here that might be of interest to you. Please explore! Those highlighted have more information or videos about them.

  • EB Cellular Cleanse Therapy- is based on bioenergetics technology, creating an energy field similar to the energy produced by the human body. This field stimulates cellular energy and enhances the body's ability to internally cleanse itself naturally, at an increased rate, restoring and normalizing the body's correct pH balance and energy levels.

  • Mi Health Bio-Energetic Therapy- Shows where the information field is distorted and how using this modality will correct the proper flow and communication of information through the 12 meridian-like channels that process and coordinate information throughout the body.
  • Bemer Vascular Therapy- provides energy stimulus to the cells of your body which give the body the opportunity to heal itself.
  • Far Infrared Sauna- increases the body's core temperature thus resulting in a much deeper, more detoxifying sweat from the cellular level of the skin where many toxins are housed. It has been shown to assist with weight loss, pain relief, improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, immunity, and skin rejuvenation. At the cellular lever, researchers have discovered the far infrared sauna may also stimulate enzyme activity and promote the adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cellular membrane.Please see the Infra Red Sauna U-tube for more info.
  • Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT)- jump starts the body's natural healing process by sending energy into the muscles and joints that is then transformed into biochemical energy. This decreases swelling, accelerates healing time and increases the pain threshold. Dr. Fred Kahn, Director of the Meditech Laser and Rehabilitation Centre in Toronto, says LILT also triggers release of endorphin, morphine-like substances that inhibit the sensation of pain. It has been shown to increase cortisol, the forerunner of cortisone and angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels along with a number of other physiological processes.
  • Computerized ray tube Technology-was discovered by Dr. Royal Rife. FDA approved for veterinary use. This is a unit that emits frequencies-The frequency with which earth rotates is once per 24 hours. Frequency is usually expressed in units called hertz (Hz). One hertz is equal to one cycle per second; one kilohertz (kHz) is 1,000 Hz, and one megahertz (MHz) is 1,000,000 Hz. Everything in the universe has energy related to frequency. So it makes sense that if there is stress in an energetic field, that energetic field can become balanced with the frequency of the object. Due to FDA regulations and various state laws, no medical claims can be made for these devices!
    All of the information expressed must be considered theoretical and unproven and for research only.
  • Whole Body Vibration Machine- A unit that produces frequencies which may increase fat-burning for weight loss- dissolve cellulite; improve blood and lymphatic circulation; speeds recovery from surgery and trauma; relieves menopausal symptoms; stimulates neurological systems; tightens facial muscles; increases bone density, prevents osteoporosis; reduces joint, ligament stress and chronic pain; increases physical strength, dexterity, endurance; increases flexibility, range of motion and mobility; stimulates production of HGH; provides benefits of both anaerobic and aerobic exercise and much more.
  • Biofeedback- All processes of biological systems are indeed controlled by electromagnetic oscillations. The contraction of stress found in a person is preceded by dis-ease causing electromagnetic oscillations that ultimately lead to the organism or an organ becoming afflicted.  With energy medicine, the various electrical flows of the body are being evaluated-the voltage, amperage, proton pressure and other energetic parameters. This bioelectrical analysis gives us an energy picture of the body rather than purely a chemical one.
  • Magnetics- Nikken products to produce a wellness home which will provide protection against environmental stress. One such unit is a Body Energizer which has energetically helped with physiological stress, lymphatic stagnation, pain management, etc.
  • Galvanic Spa- anti-aging tool using electrical energy to stimulate the neurological system that also delivers nutrients to the body.
  • B Pro - unit that non-invasively can measure the CASP and give results as to if there is stress in the cardiovascular system in 2-3 minutes. Amazing!!!
  • Genewize saliva testing- a non-invasive way to tell if there is any blockages in the receptor sites of 12 genes that have to do with immunity, bone health, cardiovascular health, and oxidative stress.
  • Light Therapy- A system to provide many spa-like benefits such as anti-aging, relaxation, regeneration, immune stimulation, using phototherapy! You've got to try it- Amazing!
  • Zyto- The Compass- Another bio-energetic unit which detects stresses in the system in only a few minutes!

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