The new field of energetic medicine is a sophisticated, intelligent way of viewing health and correcting health stresses with new modalities based on quantum physics.

According to energetic medicine, the body's health depends on information fields on the energetic or quantum field level. These information fields are an active, creative force, intimately involved in the form and manifestation of one's state of health. When we examine the body's health through the viewpoint of the energetic body, we are able to assess the correct informational fields which produce good health. We can also detect stressed informational fields which produce dis-ease or health imbalances.

In Europe (much more advanced in this field), this energetic medicine is also known as vibrational medicine, regulative medicine and virtual medicine.  In actuality however, energetic medicine is not "medicine" at all and has no correlation to traditional, allopathic medicine, which is based on Newtonian science, and addresses the biochemistry of the human body.

Traditional medicine is based on biochemistry. Energetic medicine is based on biophysics. They are two totally different fields. However, energetic medicine can complement traditional medicine; by correcting stresses in the informational field, it can help speed up the healing process. While energetic medicine is non-invasive, it can work hand in hand with modern medicine to redirect the body's informational field into a healing matrix.

Our Quantum System addresses the unique bio-individuality of each individual. We are able to measure each person's informational field, which organizes and controls their entire living organism. Our information field is what defines us and holds us in place. Energetic medicine is an important advance in healing because it addresses how our body fields operate and how they influence our lives. Quantum probability fields are the intermediate domain between consciousness and reality made manifest. It is a confirmation of the old idea of the body-mind connection.

Dr. George Crile, founder of the renowned Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, in his address to the congress of the American College of Surgeons in 1933, pointed out that it should be possible in the future for skilled radio-diagnosticians to detect the presence of dis-ease before it becomes apparent. His prediction was very accurate because it addressed the examination of energy fields and the new area of virtual medicine. Albert Einstein was another person who opened the way for these advances through his theory of relativity. A recent Nobel Laureate, Carlo Rubbia, proved that matter is less than a billionth part of the manifect comos. Everything else is pure energy phenomena of interaction, information fields and resonance. 

It requires a paradigm shift in thinking to move from a see-able, materialistic way of viewing the world, to allowing room for the unseen connection between the physical body and the subtle forces of our spirit. But this new approach is a rational and effective way of manifesting superb good health. It requires that we go further "upstream" to the source of error in our informational programming fields to find the errors and dis-ease. By addressing the field disturbances, we are able to unfold a new energy of greater resonance to soothe the disharmony of the body and spirit, and coax forth new healing energies.

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