With the stress of modern life, spa treatments have become more than just occasional pampering. They are a requisite for looking and feeling great. The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II brings the day spa home to you. Using cutting-edge, patent-pending technology with the Galvanic Spa, no appointment is necessary to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate your complexion, revitalize your scalp and renovate your body.

For more than 50 years, spa professionals have used  galvanic current in customized treatments to refresh and energize the skin. Through a gentle massaging action, this current helps focus cellular energy and enhance circulation.

Now You, too, can get these same beneficial treatments in the convenience of your own home with the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa SystemII.

  • This patent-pending, hand-held device uses low level galvanic (electric) current to facilitate the transport of key natural ingredients into the skin for improved cleansing, hydration, circulation and radiance.
  • Galvanic Spa Treatment Gel now features new ageLOC technology, a natural proprietary ingredient blend that can help slow a newly discovered source of accelerated aging in the epidermis-for results you can see now with benefits that last into the future.
  • The gentle massaging action of each of the four attachments (face, eyes, body, scalp), combined with galvanic current, enhances circulation and draws vital nutrients to the outer layers of the skin.
  • Studies have shown that a Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II treatment may enhance active ingredient delivery for up to 24hours. 

Nu Skin Anti-Aging Skin Therapy Systems: Nu Skin 180 Anti-Aging system & ageLoc Elements System

Younger looking skin is just a week away. Designed to reverse the appearance of a full range of aging effects, this proven system helps diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, refines texture and evens skin tone for a more youthful appearance. Each product delivers key benefits that are substantiated through clinical trials to visibly reverse the appearance of the effects of biological and environmental aging.

In a recent Nu Skin 180 clinical study conducted at a third-party testing lab, clinical graders assessed the skin improvements of 50 participants. After eight weeks, 100% of participants showed some improvement in overall radiance- a composite of all four attributes measured by ProDerm. According to the clinical grader assessments, the percentage of participants who exhibited improvement within the individual attributes and overall radiance was as follows: Discoloration 60%, Pores 70%, Wrinkles 80% and Texture 100%.

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