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Below are the various assessments that are helpful in determining a nutritional plan. These too are offered by Healthy Solutions.

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Educational in-office tools available for detecting stresses in the body

  1. Adrenal function test - Ragland Test - using blood pressure cuff; pupil response test
  2. Thyroid function test - in addition to 3 day basal thermometer - iodine absorption test
  3. Calcium reserve deficiency test - blood pressure cuff
  4. Sesame seed test - to measure how long transit time is within the alimentary system
  5. If applicable, mineral taste test - to determine if there are sufficient mineral reserves.
  6. Evaluation of dietary journal to find imbalances in ratios of food groups.
  7. Urine test - Includes urinary free radical test, urinary PH test, urinary chemstrip test, urinary adrenal test, urinary mal-absorption test, urinary calcium test, urinary vitamin C test, urinary nitrate test, urinary sugar test, urinary electrolyte test, and urinary ammonia test. [optional] Osteomend urine test to determine risk of osteoporosis.
  8. Blood typing kits for those who do not know what their blood type is.
  9. Blood work-up available with extensive report (optional-price varies but is very reasonable). Highly recommend getting this extensive work-up. Or if current blood work-up is sufficient then an analysis (Apex Blood Nutrition Software) will be done of it (included in price).
  10. Sclerology assessment - health status using the whites of the eyes, as well as visual assessment of face, hands, and feet.
  11. Muscle Testing (Kinesiology) to determine which supplements help strengthen the body, as well as to determine food sensitivity/allergy.
  12. Bio-Feedback - bio-energetic de-stressing of the body's systems.
  13. Optional - recommended for some: Hormone profile testing/neurotransmitter profile/and or saliva testing for imbalances. Other testing if applicable - included in protocol.
  14. Zyto Technology introducing the Compass- another bio-energetic tool to assess stresses in the system.


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