"Ask anybody what the physical world is made of and you are likely told matter and energy. Yet, if we have learned anything from engineering, biology, and physics, information is just as crucial an ingredient" Physicist Jacob D. Bekenstein

The New Science of Information in Healthcare

How do cells and organs know what to do? What causes them to lose function? How can you restore functionality so it can recover its own self-healing capabilities?

The human body-field regulates the field of energy and information at below-cell level. Root causes of physical problems are mainly distortions and blockages in this human body-field which actually is the master control system for all physiological functions.

The NES ProVision system shows you (graphically) the distortions, or stresses in the mind/body and makes recommendations for how to clear these errors and bring the physical body back to normal function.

The program uses an input device, similar to a computer mouse which in minutes can produce  as many as 150 results about the body-field.

You will see: Major organs and organ systems results

                   Environmental influences (toxins, EMF fields,etc)

                   Nutritional influences

                   Musculoskeletal system

                   Emotions (including trauma, shock)

Here you will address the 4 R's:

  • (Re)Assess
  • Rejuvenate
  • Re-imprint
  • Re-build

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