This is information is for those who have been diagnosed with cancer and who would like to explore other alternatives to complement their journey back to health.

There is no 100% cure, at this time, for Cancer- whether it be a vitamin, mineral, enzyme, herb, or other treatments of any kind. Therefore, our goal will be to complement the western medical treatment with adjunctive use of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs to increase the chances of survival by targeting those very vulnerable areas of Cancer and/or metastasis of sort.

This is an incomplete story and it is yours to complete with the right adjectives. Take for example a cheerleading squad. Each person has his job to be a part of a complete formation. However, if one of those people does not do his job, the formation is incomplete and vulnerable [a fall].

Look at this from a nutritional aspect. The core of the squad is western medical treatment-all along the sides and above are nutritional/botanical agents that will either enhance treatment or support further positive actions in releasing stress on the body.

Remember too, it is not just the supplements/herbs and medical treatment. To complete the circle is to find the emotional, spiritual, psychological and social support from within, from family members, friends, church groups and even acquaintances who might be familiar with “Cancer”.

Cancer is fatiguing! What is needed more than not are rest and relaxation, and maybe meditation and affirmations to help in the healing process. This is what we, you and I, hope to accomplish.

Although there are a number of supplements, both nutritional and botanical that have been shown to  target the many different aspects of Cancer biology, researchers have done studies to support  those that were found to work the best as powerful synergistic agents. These are evidence based, meaning that there is scientific research that exists supporting these recommendations.


  • To enhance your nutritional status with cancer-fighting whole food phytonutrients
  • To assess body organ function with a series of laboratory tests, and to help identify those areas in need of support [with occasional retests to monitor your progress]
  • To maximize immune system function with the education of  use of dietary supplements
  • To utilize botanical supplements- Those that have scientific research showing that they may help impact  cancer
  • To provide nutritional support for the chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments you may choose to have
  • To create a lifestyle that will not only integrate a holistic approach to maximize internal healing- but also to incorporate a spiritual awareness- e.g. Faith in a supreme being that gives the strength or desire to be healed.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.  Please view this excellent u-tube- Cancer is workable now!

Also please refer to BLOOD TYPE AND CANCER for more information


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