Dr. Naidu and Lactoferrin,  a summary of what it is and how it affects our system.

Series II

Lactoferrin (LF)  is a metal-binding glycoprotein  [a carbohydrate and a protein] that play essential roles in the body. For instance, in the immune system almost all of the key molecules involved in the immune response  are glycoproteins. Lactoferrin is present in mother's milk and secretions of the exocrine glands (mainly the digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems). LF provides mucosal protection against invading micro-organisms and other toxins. LF is credited with an impressive list of physiological implications which is listed below. What we are concerned with in this article is its role with bone health.

  • Gastrointestinal System: Critical for nutrient absorption LF has a tremendous impact on bone metabolism, intestinal absorption of iron, zinc, copper, manganese and other essential trace elements.
  • Cardiovascular System: Systemic levels of LF which produces a higher concentration of neutrophils when there is inflammation may play a role in countering the negative effects of catabolism in the skeletal system. LF has also been shown to modulate the secretion of osteolytic cytokines, resulting in its direct effect on the activity and development of bone cells.
  • Skeletal System: Lactoferrin stimulates the production of pre-osteoblastic (precursor cells). Reduced apoptosis (programmed cell death) of these precursor cells acts as a survival factor in which the end result is an increase in local bone formation (in-vivo) [even with short term use]. Research sows that LF can positively be used as bio-replenishment to reverse osteoporosis and restore skeletal strength.

 "I was diagnosed with advanced osteopenia a few months ago. I tried the Boniva for one month which made me very sick, and in much pain.  I decided to look for another answer to bone loss. It was at a bone health meeting at Terri Oberto's office where I learned that I could improve my bone health naturally. I thought I would give it a try. I have been using the Osteodenx, Caldenx, and Lactoferrin for almost three months. I just had my bone density and physical (November 2010) and my doctor was pleasantly surprised to see that my T score has improved and that I actually have gained 1/2 inch in height!! I will definitely keep up with this program and hope to reverse the damage of aging back to a young person again!"

Lactoferrin stimulates the growth of chondrocytes (bone cartilage) which consists of collagen and proteoglycans. A decline in chondrocyte production may lead to a loss of cartilage (a lubricant for joints) which can lead to osteoarthritis (inflammation). Because of the effect LF has on the inflammatory process including microbial and anti-inflammatory protection, immuno-modulation occurs.

TABLE: Lactoferrin- Multifunctional Protein for Bone-Replenishment    ©AS Naidu

Specific Function Possible Role in Bone health
Metal binding and transport Provides essential bone minerals (eg. zinc, chromium)
Anti-microbial activity Evades bone infections (eg. osteomyelitis)
Anti-oxidant activity Prevents bone and joints from free radical damage
Anti-tumor activity Controls metastatic bone conditions (eg. osteosarcoma)
Anti-inflammatory activity Protects from inflammatory bone dis-eases (eg. OA, RA)
Prebiotic activity Maintains healthy gut for optimal bone nutrient absorption
Opsonic activity Scavenges foreign bodies that may harm bone tissue
DNA binding activity Bone development and growth
Bone growth factor Stimulates osteoblasts to form new bone matrix
Sperm-coating antigen Facilitate sexual transfer of genetic information
Intestinal absorption Maintains healthy gut for bone mineral transport
Immuno-modulation Protects the bone from antigen-mediated immune responses
Complement activation Helps combat rheumatoid arthritis
Platelet activation Participates in bone repair processes (eg. healing of fractures)
Feed-back regulation Controls various bone homeostatic pathways
Down-regulation of myelopoiesis Controls blood cell production in the bone marrow
Regulation of collagenase Maintains healthy cartilage in bone joints




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